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Welcome to CSN Websites, the online solution for your Community Sport Network.

The CSN Website package helps you organise and administer your organisation through a system easy for all to use and keep up-to-date. You take full control of your site.

Below is a brief description of features available with an CSN Website


Customised Design

Customized Design

Whether you already have an esablished brand or not, we'll make your CSN look the business.

Every CSNWebsite comes with it's own bespoke design done especially for you. We can work with you to create a new brand identity, or maybe you already have a logo that just needs a little bit of a polish. Whatever the situation, your site won't go live until you are 100% happy with how it looks.


Keep your CSN updated with your latest initiatives, projects and introduce key team members.

As your CSN develops and evolves over time, add and edit unlimited features of your CSN (how it's funded, new programs you're introducing) essentially allowing those involved directly and indirectly to understand how your organisation is run and what you're trying to achieve.

Events Calendar & Bookings

Events Calendar & Bookings

An easily accessible system for managing all your meetings, courses, activites and team events online.

As events are added or updated on your calendar, all necessary users are automatically emailed with the relevant information. This saves you time and a great deal of paperwork whilst also ensuring all parties are kept up-to-date with your CSN's goings on.

Events Calendar & Bookings

Key features

  • Booking confirmation emails sent to all parties
  • Event cancellation emails sent to all booking holders
  • Attach downloadable resources to events
  • Know who's attending your events through the editable online registers
  • Generate all registers for an event with a single mouse click
  • Users can download your up-to-date schedule of the years events

Event Listings

Event Listings

As well as the calendar view, all your events are also accessible using the listing views. Based upon their preference, a user might prefer to use this way of browsing if they have an interest in a specific type of event.

Key features

  • Filter courses by month
  • Only displays courses in the future
  • Direct link to the booking form

CSN News


Take advantage of the news section to promote your CSN activities

Use this area to write about anything from events that are about to take place, interesting evolvements within your CSN to the success of activities you may have run.

Key features

  • Add photos and links to other sites in your news stories
  • Decide to link a story to a contact form to recieve feedback into your inbox
  • Filter news stories by month

Enquiry Forms

Contact forms

Promote interaction between you and your users

Messages are sent by email and also stored in an inbox on the website itself for ease of access and as a backup.

Enquiry possibilities

  • Receive the details of community clubs wishing to be added to your database
  • General site enquiries


Visitors to your website are able to sign-up to your newsletter by filling in a simple form.

This data is then stored on the website and can be downloaded in a format easy to import into an email program such as Outlook.

Future development!

We will soon be introducing a new module, allowing you to send out newsletters directly through the system using pre-designed templates. This will be a fully automated system, allowing you to add pictures and text to visually appealing emails and even setting the time and date you wish them to be sent. The pre-designed newsletter templates will also be customised to your organisation, including your logo and contact details.



Introduce clubs in your community to your visitors using the clubs listings.

Organise the clubs by sport and create individual profile pages to allow further information such as contact details, pictures and special requirements to be shown.

The easy to use admin management system allows clubs to be added, edited and removed by a click of a button giving you more flexibility than ever before.



The resources section acts as the place to store documents associated with your CSN and events you run. It now also enables you to attach these files to other areas of your site increasing their exposure and availability to your visitors.

Key features

  • Attach a resource to an event. Once booked, the confirmation page, and email, will both contain a link to download the document. For example, an awards night could have the nomination form attached.
  • Select who can access the resource. This can be open to anyone visiting your site to a specific group of users.

Photo Albums

Photo Albums

Create unlimited photo albums to showcase your activities.

You have the option to close off this section from the general public therefore only allowing those involved within your CSN to gain access.

All photos are automatically re-sized to fit within your site design, with the original file retained on the system so users can print them off or use them in thier own presentations.

User Accounts

User Accounts

You have complete control over everyone using your website.

The user account features allows you to add, edit and delete an unlimited number of users.

The latest version of the CSN Website allows you to grant different levels of access to different users. This means you can allow different users to do more or less depending upon their position.

Key features

  • Have control over who can access your website
  • Create different access levels
  • Choose who you'd like to add content and process information
  • Add, edit and delete accounts 24/7
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Thanks to the feedback from numerous Community Sport Networks around the country, a CSN Website features tools to aid the management of event bookings, resources, finances, courses and general information about you, your team and what you provide for to the community.


Enhancements to the CSN Website

  • Filter courses by month
  • You manage and edit the website yourself through the easy to use admin features
  • Keep the community updated with your latest news
  • Get feedback through surveys and questionnaires
  • Maintain an up-to-date clubs database and let local clubs sign-up to your site
  • Easily display the latest galleries for all to see


"We're able to put on even more activities due to the way the CSN Website allows us to create and manage events."

Guy Botterill
Active Penwith CSN

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