Service and feature updates

There are frequent updates to the Sport Connect system. Return to this page to learn about the latest changes and improvements that have been made.

The updated 'responsive' system will receive more regular and proactive updates. Updates listed below that include a '*' were applied to all sites (new and old system). If you are interested in discovering more about getting a new responsive website running the updated system then send us a message and we can discuss your options.

Event duplication

25th July 2019

We've added a new event duplicator to the system today. This will allow you to quickly make a copy of any event. Duplicated events will have the word ‘copy’ added to the end, and will initially be set to inactive.

Assign sports to your leagues

11th January 2019

We had received some requests to allow leagues to be assigned to sports (as you do already with events, clubs, etc.). We are pleased to say you can now do this, with the sport displayed in all league lists. You can retrospectively set the sports for all of your existing leagues (if you so wish).

Score difference added to league tables

9th January 2019

We have added a new column to league tables showing the score-difference for each team. This is calculated from the for/against scores and does not include any bonus point allocations.

Optional event reminders *

12th December 2018

Whilst we were thrilled to welcome back event reminders in September, it did pose a new challenge for some of you. Not every event suited a reminder, so we have now added a setting so you can choose which events should have reminders sent (or which shouldn't).

Transport requests

10th December 2018

You can now choose to receive transport requests from schools when they are booking onto team events. Simply enable the option when creating an event, and an extra section will appear on the event's booking form. Schools can let you know how many places they want and whether they need to be one-way or return trip.

Improvements when creating league fixtures

22nd November 2018

Today we have made a couple of enhancements to the league creation process.

  • We have included the school name beside the team name when planning fixtures (just in case the team name isn't always obvious).
  • We now assume the venue for each fixture will be the home team's school. This should be the correct assumption in most situations and saves you from entering the same information over and over again.

Event reminders are alive and kicking! *

17th September 2018

We' are thrilled to report that as a result of our server migration in the summer, event reminders are now up and running again. We apologise for the time they were not sending and look forward to a long future of increased attendance!

Summer system updates

4th September 2018

Server migrations are never fun and they are rarely painless. This summer saw a major change for the Sport Connect system, changing both our hosting provider and the systems we use to manage your websites. We are pleased to say everything went to plan and all websites were online and ready for the start of the new academic year.