Sport Connect Privacy Statement

Last updated on 5th December 2018

Sport Connect takes data privacy seriously. This privacy policy explains who we are, how we collect, share and use Personal Information, and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

We recommend that you read this privacy policy in full. However, to make it easier for you to review the parts that apply to you, we have divided up the document into sections:

  1. Basic information
  2. Customer contact privacy
  3. Contact privacy
  4. Participant privacy
  5. Subscriber privacy
  6. Website visitor privacy
  7. General information

Sections 1 and 7 are for everyone. If you have any questions or concerns about our use of your personal information, then please contact us using the details provided at the end of Section 7.

1. Basic information

Sport Connect provides an online sports partnership management Service to it's customers via a white-labelled suite of website tools. Each customer uses a customised website environment to access the Service, via their own website domain.

Key terms

2. Customer Contact privacy

This section applies to the personal information we collect about our Customer Contact(s). Customer Contacts are usually School Games Organisers or Partnership Development Managers. However we may also record the details of other administration staff if we consider it appropriate.

What do we collect?

Where possible, we record the following information for Customer Contacts:

What we do with the information

To help us administer our Service we use a number of 3rd party apps. We choose these apps carefully to ensure your data remains in safe hands.

Google Apps

We use Google Apps to maintain our active customer lists and communicate with you via email.


Xero is Sport Connect's invoicing platform. Your name and email address (along with your invoice address) is added to Xero so we may send you invoices for our Service.


We use Mail Chimp to send outbound email communications. These can include Service updates and new feature announcments.

3. Contact privacy

The personal information that we may collect or receive about Contacts is entirely provided by Administrators or Customer Contacts.

Sport Connect does not restrict the contacts that Administrators can add to the Service. We do however encouage Administrators to gain permission before adding anyone's personal information.

What do we collect?

The following details are required for an Administrator to create a Contact on the Service:

Additional details may be provided at the discretion of the Administrator or Contact, including:

Contacts are able to see and modify the information held about them by logging in to the Service.

What we do with the information

The personal information we store for Contacts is needed to provide access to the Service. Sport Connect does not replicate or share any of the Contact information it receives.

It is possible for an Administrator to make a Contact's information publicly available on their website. This is done at the sole discretion of the Administrator. Sport Connect does not restrict how contact profiles are used or displayed on the Service.

Contacts may be sent emails in response to actions completed whilst using the Service. These emails include booking confirmations, change of information notifications, and event reminders.

4. Participant privacy

The personal information that we may collect or receive about Participants is entirely provided by Contacts or Administrators. Sport Connect is required to store and processes this information in order to provide the Service.

What do we collect?

Contacts may be required to enter information into the Service which identifies other third party individuals. Examples of this are:

Sport Connect does not decide when participant information should be added. It is the responsibility of Contacts and Administrators to gain consent from participants prior to entering their information into the Service.

What we do with the information

The personal information entered for Participants is needed for Contacts to utilise the Service's features. Sport Connect does not replicate or share any of the information it receives about Participants.

When information about Participants is submitted to the Service, it is available to be processed by an Administrator in whichever way they decide is correct to complete their indended activity. Such information may become publicly available on a Customer website, or may be used to organise an event. Sport Connect does not restrict how Participant information is used once it has been presented to an Administrator.

Participants may be sent emails in response to actions completed by Contacts. These emails include booking confirmations, change of information notifications, and event reminders.

5. Subscriber privacy

The personal information that we may collect or receive about Subscribers is entirely provided by those Subscribers.

What do we collect?

The Service provides the option for people to join a Customer's email distribution list. The following information is required in order to become a Subscriber:

What we do with the information

When a Subscriber adds their information to a Customer's email distribution list on a website, their information becomes available to the website Administrators.

Administrators have the option to:

Sport Connect does not replicate or share any information it receives about Subscribers, nor does it control how Subscriber data is used once provided to the Administrator.

6. Website visitor privacy

The Sport Connect website does not request or store any personal information about it's Visitors.

7. General information

Where we store information

Our servers, offices and customers are located within the United Kingdom. Your information will therefore be transfered, stored and processed within the UK.

Sport Connect servers, databases and backups are all hosted with Digital Ocean at their LON1 datacenter based in London.

Retention of data

In providing the Service, Sport Connect receives, stores and processes information on behalf of Customers (including their Administrators, Contacts and Participants).

Sport Connect is legally responsible for ensuring that this information is held and processed in accordance with the law and with individuals' rights.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) does not specify specific periods for data retention, deletion or destruction. The below table therefore defines how Sport Connect will store, retain and dispose of personal data that it receives whilst providing the Service to its Customers.

Redundant data

Over time Sport Connect gathers data entered by Customer Contacts and Administrators. To avoid the unnecessary retention of data, Sport Connect will remove these records as defined below.

TypeRetention period
Contact accounts/profiles7 years since date of last activity
Event bookings (including participants)7 years from date of event
Challenge results7 years from date of result entry
League results7 years from date of result entry
PLT Expense Claims7 years from date of claim entry
Deleted data

Sport Connect employs 'soft deletion' to facilitate Customer/Administrator/Contact initiated data removal. This allows for data retrieval in the result of user error. However data will be permanently destroyed after the following periods.

TypeDestruction period
Contact accounts/profiles, Event bookings (including participants), Schools, Challenge results, League results, Clubs, PLT expense claims12 months after soft deletion

Personal data will be deleted/redacted or otherwise destroyed as soon as is reasonably practical after the above retention periods.


We use Google analytics to understand Visitor numbers and basic behaviours on this website. This information cannot be used to personally identify any individual.

Use of cookies on Customer websites is detailed in Cookie Policies found at the bottom of each website instance.

Changes to this Policy

We may change this privacy policy at any time and from time to time. The most recent version of the privacy policy is reflected by the date located at the top of this privacy policy. All updates and amendments are effective immediately upon notice, which we may give by any means, including posting a revision notice on customer websites. We encourage you to review this privacy policy often to stay informed of changes that may affect you.

Questions & concerns

If you have any questions or comments about the data we store, would like to request a copy of your own data, or would like to make a removal request, please contact us at [email protected].